Eva Eve [Jones]

Sarah Ponleva “Eva” Berrien Eve [Jones], Richmond County, Georgia

Sarah Ponleva “Eva” Berrien Eve (1841-90) spent most of her life in Richmond Co., GA, near Augusta. Ruth Whitehead, whose BV also survives, was her cousin. [link to Ruth’s]

The daughter of an affluent planter living near Augusta, Eva attended a school for young women, played and sang music from popular operas as well as simple ballads, and had her music collection bound into at least one volume.
Eva traveled to Bethlehem, PA and Washington, DC for her studies
Her mother served as Vice Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, and her mother was Sarah Lowndes Berrien Casey. Composer A. Iverson of Columbus dedicated “When the Birds to the South” (printed in GLB, 16 October, 1838, p. 188) to Eve’s aunt, Martha Deloney Berrien.
Eva served as a bridesmaid at Ruth’s wedding in 1858, and in October 1863 married Ruth’s widowed husband (Charles Colcock Jones, Civil War mayor of Savannah). On Eva, see Rozier, ed., The Granite Farm, 114.

Eve’s collection of nine binder’s volumes is one of the largest from the South.

The papers of her mother, Philoclea Edgeworth Casey Eve (1813-1889), can be found in the Rubenstein Library, Duke.

Eva’s collection

Eva Eve owned ten binder’s volumes, mostly dating from the 1850s. They are currently housed in the Rubenstein Library at Duke University.

  • Music B .204 – Eva Berrien [link to Omeka? contents and pdf]
  • Music B .34 – Eva Berrien Eve [link to Omeka? contents and pdf]
  • Music B .193
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