Harriet Pearce [Spozzi]

Harriet Pearce (1796-1865) was born in Hereford, England and baptized at Saint Nicholas Church there on 15 June 1796. She collected the music in this volume before and shortly after her marriage to Charles Spozzi Jr in Oxford in July 1822. She also composed and published “The Ivy Wreath: Three Original Waltzes” in 1838 (Hereford).

Of interest in this collection are ornaments and other musical markings that indicate musicking in the Spozzi home.

The volume is privately owned.

Candace Bailey, “A Life in the Music of Harriet Pearce Spozzi,” paper presented at NABMSA July 2020

Contents of Spozzi, English Vocal Music, Vol. 2

TitleComposerTitle detailsMarkingsNotes
1Did the VineWeberDer Freischütz
2Thro’ the Forest, CavatinaWeberDer Freischütz
3The Swiss Boy, No. 1 of the Tyrolese Melodies [p. 1, also “Der Schweizerbue”]sung by Mrs. Waylett; arrangement by Mr. J.L. Abel with new words by Mrs. Cleobury added to this edition
4When in DisgraceHenry R. BishopShakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss M. Tree Mrs. Spozzifrom a larger collection, this is p.37
5Bid Me DiscourseHenry R. BishopShakespeare’s Twelfth Night, performed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, Miss M. TreeMrs. Spozzi; two markings
6Should He UpbraidHenry R. BishopShakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss M. TreeMrs. Spozzi; several markingsfrom a larger collection, this is p. 74
7Let Us Seek the Yellow ShoreHenry R. BishopMaid Marian, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss M. TreeMrs. Spozzi
8O Light Bounds My HeartHenry R. BishopClari, or the Maid of Milan, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss M. Treefrom a larger collection, this is p. 30
9Isabel!Henry R. BishopNobility’s Concerts, sung by Miss Ashe
10She Never Blamed Him NeverHindoostanee
11Under the Greenwood TreeDr. ArneShakespeare’s As You Like It, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Mr. Pearmanfrom a larger collection, this is p. 24
12Julie Told Me When We PartedHenry R. BishopNative Land, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss Patonfrom a larger collection, this is p. 69
13And Ye Shall Walk in Silk Attire!Henry R. BishopAt the Musical Festivals, sung by Miss Stephenson
14They Say, My Love is Dead! The Celebrated Maniac SongCharles G. ByrneFirst Number from Linley’s Scottish Melodies, as sung by Miss E. Paton, with Recitative as sung by Miss Paton
15The EmigrèeC.W. Manners
16Meet Me to NightCharles E. Hornsung by Miss Patin, Miss Stephens, Miss Love, and Madame Vestris
17Cherry RipeCharles E. Hornsung by Madame VestrisMrs. Spozzi/ Olde Barnsold by ? at Cooper?
18Not a Drum was HeardJohn Barnettwritten on the death of Gen’l Sir John Moore, sung by Mr. Sapio at the Argyll Roomshas caution about edition
19Fly to the DesertsG. Kiallmarkwords from Lalla Rookh by Thomas Moore
20There be None of Beauty’s DaughtersPhilip Knaptonsung by Mrs. Salmon, words by Lord Byron
21Charlie is My Darling, 2nd editionW. HawesMontrose, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss Stephenshas dealer’s stamp and catalogue
22We’re A’Noddin at Our House at HameW. HawesMontrose, or The Children of the Mist, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss StephensIn ink: Harriet Pearce / March 2nd 1822 / Oxford / AEF [?] W; in pencil: Mrs. Spozzi
23The Ray that Beams For EverMichael KellyWillis’s Concerts, Theatres royal Drury Lane, sung by Mr. Horn
24Bonny Brave Scotlandair by Neil Gon:Guy Mannering (opera), sung by Miss PatonMrs. Spozzi
25It is the HourG.W. ReeveWitch of Derncleugh (drama), from  Guy Mannering (novel), sung b y Mr. Pearman
26The ChieftainJ. Relfe for Goulding & Co., Soho Squarearranged as a Lesson for the Piano Forte with favorite Variations by J. Relfeon outside of front, Mrs. Spozzi [with] / Mr. Edwards – [?] / Love / Oxford March 19 18[??]
27The Soldier Tir’dDr. ArneArtaxerxeswith figures, additional notes (high D!)
28Snowy Rose Go Deck my FairMr. BrahamKais or Love in the Deserts, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, sung by Miss Lyon
29Comfort Ye My PeopleHandelMessiahfigures and reduced orchestral accompaniment
30Every Valley[Handel]Messiah; printed on back of “Comfort Ye”figures and reduced orchestral accompaniment
31Holy Holy LordHandelsung by Madame Marafigures and interludes; some ornamentation
32Let the Bright SeraphimHandelSamsonfigures and melody in introduction and interlude
33My Song Shall Be MercyJ. KentA Favorite Anthemfigures and melody in introduction and interlude
34Alexis, A CantataDr. Pepush [sic]older paper?; figures and elaborations
35Oh! Were We Side by Side to StandAlexander Robert ReinagleMrs. Spozzi with Mr. Reinagle’s Compliments
36When All That Once Seem’d Good or FairA. R. Reinaglesung by Miss Paton
37Yes! ‘Tis the Indian Drum!Henry R. BishopCortez (historical drama), Celebrated Round
38The Flower of LoveA. U. HayterA Glee for four Voices, dedicated to Mrs. Hayton of Moreton Court Herefordshire
39Miriam’s Song “Sound the Loud Timbrel”Thomas Moorefrom A Selection of Sacred Songs, sung by Miss Goodall at the Concerts of Ancient Music. The Oratorios, &c.
40Blow Gentle Gales!Henry R. BishopA Glee for three Voices in The Slave (opera), Theatre Royal Covent Gardennotes corrected in bass part p. 5
41When Thy Bosom Heaves the Sigh!Mr. BrahamDuet, sung at Nobility’s Private Concerts by Miss Stephens and Mr. BrahamMrs. Spozzi Old [?Barn, cut off]
42Tell Me Where is Fancy BredJohn StevensonDuetto arr. by Bishop, Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors at Theatre Royal Covent Garden by Miss Stephens and Miss M. Tree
43As It Fell upon a DayHenry R. BishopDuetto, Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors at Theatre Royal Covent Garden by Miss Stephens and Miss M. Treemanuscript page, seems to match the printed version
44OrpheusHenry R. BishopDuetto, Shakespeare’s Comedy called Twelfth Night, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, sung by Miss M. Tree and Miss Greene
45Love and the Sun DialTho. MooreDuet, dedicated to Miss AtkinsonHarriet Pearce / April 9th 1822 / Oxford / [?]
46The Fryar of Orders GrayJ. W. CallcottGlee for three voices
47The Captive to his BirdI. MazzinghiGlee for three voices
48Winde Gentle Evergreen and Sweet Enslaver[second by Mr. Atterbury]two catches, one also with German Flute or Violina adaptation
49The Home of My HeartMr. E. Phelpssung by Mr. Incleden
50The Roses of SummerWilliam Hutchins Callcottto Miss Emily D. Stuart
51Then Oh Then Love Think of MeC. E. Horn
52Leave, Oh Leave the Heartless WorldC. E. Horn
53My Harp!William Horsleyto Mrs. Parnther
54O’er the WatersCharles E. HornNo. 1, to Miss Stephens
55Remember Me KindlyT. Attwoodto Miss Bellchambers
56I’ve Been RoamingCharles E. HornCavatina, sung by Madame Vestris, Miss Stephens, Miss Love, and Miss Paton, to Gibson Stuartin manuscript after printed title page
[57][page(s) torn out]
58La parissienneAdolphe Nourritcolored flagone verse marked out and something written in French beside it–this is dated 27 July 1830
59La MarseillaiseRouget de L’isleFrench and English words